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2015 World Premiere
at The American School in Switzerland

In the Circus Minimus everything is backwards. The Big Top performers believe that the show must go on, but with the LEAST amount of effort possible. A high energy performance is bad entertainment. The starring acts of this circus include "The World's Most Boring Clown", "The World's Loudest Mime" and Circus Minimus once boasted "The World's Worst Lion Tamer", but he only played one performance. 


Offstage, rudeness is rewarded by the ringleader, and the K-Word (Kindness) is prohibited. But the Side Show performers follow a different set of rules. That's why they have been quarantined - so they can't infect the Big Tops with their kindness. But, when the Side Shows escape their quarantine and do a few innocent good deeds, some of the Big Tops must go to see Dr. Dibdin to explain their symptoms (incuding feeling "lighter than a feather" and "having trouble frowning") and to ask "Am I dying?"


The Doctor diagnoses the Big Tops with happiness, and they must decide if they will embrace their diagnosis and confront the ringleader or try to go back to the ways things were before they were infected with kindness.

2014 World Premiere
at The American School in Switzerland

A long, long time ago, in a kingdom far away three magical fates living in a clocktower controlled the destinies of the entire world. Every month they carefully chose two people's lives and switched them. In another part of the kingdom, Duke Duncan ran "Riddle Solutions Incorporated" - his daughter Violet solved the riddles, the handmaiden Alona did all the work, and he took the money.


Violet meets a Berry Seller named Ellie in the marketplace and the the two girls are switched. When the new Daughter of the Duke, Ellie, overhears the Duke's evil plan to take over the world and destroy the fates she sends the Alona to fetch Violet. The three girls set off on a journey to the clocktower to warn the fates before the Duke finds his way to their tower.


Along the way, the girls must face trolls, solve riddles, and beat the Duke to the tower before they get to meet the fates. Once there, the fates are ready to reward the girls for the heroism, but in order to do so, the girls must identify what they're passionate about so that the fates can switch them into the role that fits them best. 

From the musical "Switched"
by Elizabeth Nestlerode

"I Need a Home"

Sung by Elizabeth Nestlerode


2013 World Premiere at
The American School in Switzerland

Cantiama doesn't want to be the new Royal Troubadour. She didn’t even audition. She was cleaning the palace when the Three Sovereigns heard her singing to herself and insisted upon her promotion from castle janitor to Royal Troubadour. What they don’t know is that Cantiama has terrible stage fright.


When the Three Sovereigns declare that all community singing is outlawed, Cantiama’s very musical family faces banishment. When Cantiama begs the them to change their minds, they offer her a deal: If she will sing a concert for the entire Kingdom, then they will pardon those charged with community singing.


Cantiama must deal with her stage fright to save her family. Luckily, with a little back up from that family, she overcomes her fears and the Three Sovereigns restore singing as a national pastime.  

2014 World Premiere
at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A play that includes one original song, "Riding with Night" with lyrics by Danny Merritt and music by Elizabeth Nestlerode. The song was written and performed in French and premiered at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

2015 World Premiere
at The American School In Switzerland

A musical written in French and Italian, which included "Convertir Parole in Pane" with English lyrics by Stephanie Figer, Italian translation by Esteban Torres-Urso and music by Elizabeth Nestlerode. The song was written and performed in Italian and premiered at the 2014 The American School In Switzerland

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