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A 12-week course to help actors bridge the gap

between your creative training and the craft of pursuing theatre in NYC. 

Does this sound like you?

  1. You’re terrified that the moment you land in NYC, you'll have no idea what to do next.

  2. You keep hearing that artistic success is all about “who you know” but you don’t know how to meet those people.

  3. You’re stressed out that you'll look just like everyone else in the audition holding room, and get totally lost in the crowd.

  4. You don't know if your audition rep is competitive enough for the fierce NYC market.

  5. You find yourself looking for audition material at the last minute for every audition you want to go to.

Do you wish you were…

  1. Confidently prepared at any audition - no matter what changeup they throw at you?

  2. Recognized by multiple Casting Directors in the NYC circuit?

  3. Able to analyze and improve your auditioning muscles without beating yourself up when an audition doesn’t go well?

  4. Sure of your worth and how to negotiate your own contracts?

  5. Bringing your full self into the audition room and delivering the performance you practiced?



Join me for a 3 month journey that includes video modules, bi-weekly calls, and monthly mock audition opportunities to bridge the gap between your creative training and the craft of pursuing theatre in the NYC Industry. Through this course you will make sure your audition book is NYC ready, identify your long term goals, and strategize how to get there using every variable that is in your control.

The purpose of this course is to build your knowledge of the New York Theatre industry, and develop highly competitive audition techniques so you can pursue your craft with confident, effective strategy. 

You will learn:

-how to budget for NYC expenses as an actor and negotiate your own contracts 

-what you need in your audition book / collection of monologues and what factors to consider when picking material 

-about agents, managers, and paths to representation 

-how to analyze and improve auditioning muscles without beating yourself up if an audition doesn't go well

-strategies for longevity in the theatre industry

...and much more!

The first round of the course begins Tuesday December 1st! Space is limited. I will be keeping class size very small, likely fewer than 10 people to ensure everyone gets fantastic one to one personalized support and guidance. 

I’m Elizabeth Nestlerode. I moved to NYC right after college with a suitcase and a dream - just like you're about to do! And total transparency: I knew nothing about what it took to navigate this jungle of an industry. But now, after 8 years of hustling, networking, and performing Off-Broadway and in regional theatres around the country, I'm sharing what I've learned with hungry young professionals like you, ready to make their dent in the NYC scene. Because there's nothing more beneficial than having a killer team in your corner on Day 1.

One on One Coaching is also available. Contact me through my website or via email at if interested.

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